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The realization of all the organization’s accomplishments was only possible because of the strenuous efforts of its staff. Despite the financial crisis, which the organization has been facing, its staff has been dedicated and committed to the organization and the work that they have been doing. Moreover, the organization has been optimistic about the recognition of its vision of a free Palestinian society enjoying health rights that are equitable, well-developed and comprehensive and the realization of its mission, which is based on the provision of health services to all segments of the Palestinian population, particularly the poor and the marginalized; building development models, and lobbying and advocating in support of favorable policies and legislations. The organization still put an emphasis on adopting the principles of total quality in all its programs and activities. Due to the unique case of Jerusalem, HWC have been organizing dedicative programs targeting all segments of the population in order to meet their needs. Moreover, the programs aim at promoting the Palestinian national identity in times when the city of Jerusalem has been suffering from different forms of oppression and its history have been obliterated by the Israeli occupation .
Currently, the organization is still enduring several challenges and difficulties that have been evolving at the national level and within the internal structural organization of HWC. The current political and economical situation has been affecting the organization amd has escalated causing a drastic decline in external funding due to the global financial crisis. Several countries around the world have been negatively affected by the financial crisis; Spain being among the countries and one of our main funders. These changes that occured due to the financial crisis have been taken into consideration and used as a learning lesson for HWC. The organization has realized the importance of building funding relationships wi