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Stop the Genocide

 The innocent citizens of Gaza Strip have been facing terrifying genocide committed against them by the Israeli occupying forces. The genocide has been affecting infants, children, people with disabilities and women in all locations of Gaza Strip. The causalities of the genocide have included more than 500 martyrs and three thousand injuries. This is in addition to the destruction of all means of living and hundreds of home. As a result of this 150 thousand Palestinians have been displaced from their homes and have been without shelter. The displaced have left with no option but taking from UNRWA’s schools a safety place escaping the brutality of the war. All of this have been going on in times when the health care system of Gaza Strip became unable to meet the increasing needs of the injures because of the lack of medications and medical disposables in addition to the shortage in power and water supply. This is alarming as it is a manifestation for a humanitarian disaster that is yet to come. This has been occurring while the so-called civilized world has remained silent without taking any action to stop the horrible genocide. Instead, many Western countries have been supporting Israel in their invasion for the Palestinians.

In its open war against the Palestinian, the Israeli occupying forces have not taken into consideration any of the international laws as it has been using all kinds of weapons including those, which are internationally banned. Despite all of that the world has remained silent including the humanitarian and international organizations.
The pictures that have been streamed from the Shijaiya, where the genocide has been committed, have been very disruptive for whoever is witnessing it. And here not to mention the corpses scattered on the ground, which have yet to be gathered.
It is important to reassert that all citizens of Gaza have been a target for the Israeli occupying forces and its weaponry machines including the infants, the women, the children, health teams and the journalists; statistics that have been based on the data collected from Gaza indicated that 50% of the victims of the war are among school’s students. This imposes the question of why the world has remained silent without condemning the invasion on Gaza Strip? Now, remaining silent should become equivalent for being part of the crime.
Health Work Committees calls for:
1.      The importance of ending the genocide in Gaza Strip immediately without any delay.
2.      The Palestinian Authority to submit lawsuits to international courts and organizations to bring criminal Zionists to trial.
3.      The League of Arab States, the Arab countries and its governments, and the Arab nations urgently provide safety for the Palestinians, who have been under the occupation.
4.      The appreciation of all forms of local and international initiatives for boycotting the occupation and the implementation of these initiatives to avoid becoming a contributor on the weapons that have been used to kill the Palestinians.
5.      All the Palestinian in their different locations, including the West Bank, 1948 area and the diaspora, to embark on demonstrations in solidarity for people of Gaza Strip.
6.      The importance of the national unity among all the Palestinian in facing the genocide.