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Health Work Committee Condemns the Arrest of its Financial and Administrative Director

 Health Work Committees condemns the arrest of its Financial and Administrative director Mr. Walid Abu Ras from his home located in Al-Tireh neighborhood in Ramallah, destructing his home and frightening his family after midnight before he was brutally taken to an unknown destination.

According to his family, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) raided the home, forcibly broke down the doors, wreaked havoc and destroyed the content of their home. Then walid was tied up, beaten and dragged towards military vehicles parked in the street in front of his house.
The organization believes that the targeting of Palestinian institutions and the arrest of the employees falls within the systematic targeting followed by the occupation against Palestinians and their institutions.
Health Work Committees called upon the local and international human rights and health institutions to take a stand in exposing the practices of the occupation against the Palestinian people and their institutions, and to press all relevant authorities to compel the occupying power to stop the campaigns of arrest and terrorism practiced against the Palestinian citizens. As well as exposing the methods of torture used against Palestinian prisoners and detainees from the moment of their arrest until they are being taken to a detention center for interrogation, where their torture is being covered up by the Israeli judicial decisions.