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News Alert - Health situation in Gaza strip on the edge of the abyss

 Because of the suffocating blocked and the policy of collective punishment imposed by the Israeli occupation authorities on the Gaza Strip.

Health sector suffers from a severe shortage of medicines and medical consumables, which threatens to stop a number of health services in the facilities of the Ministry of Health in Gaza, and according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza 90% of Therapeutic, services for cancer patients are semi-stalled. In addition to the loss of 42 pharmaceutical drugs, 65% of all medicines have caused the disruption of a large number of therapeutic protocols for the disease.
The crisis of cancer treatments and the problems of their diversion are compounded by the fact that they are in many trouble of delaying their travel and possibly preventing them from travelling, which means that the disease is spreading further and the chances of healing and responding to treatment are decreasing.
Dialysis services are affected by the 40% pharmaceutical deficit and 22% of the deficit in medical tasks, while primary care services are affected by a drug deficit in chronic medicine medicines of over 61%, maternal and child health medicines by 55% and mental health treatments by 50%.
These high levels of disability reflect a serious deterioration in the health situation, which constitutes a grave violation of international humanitarian law, in particular the obligations under the Geneva Conventions of 1949, and the obligations applicable to them under the 1977
And 2005 Additional Protocols thereto Conventions concerning the protection of civilians, medical personnel and humanitarian personnel, and subsequently resolution 2286 adopted by the Security Council in 2016,  which provides for the protection of civilians, the wounded, the sick, medical personnel and humanitarian assistance It is necessary to put an end to the impunity of officials of the Government of occupation and the leaders of its army and to ensure that they are held accountable.