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The Israeli Occupation Breaks in Health Work Committees Hebron Emergency Center

 A large number of the Israeli occupation army stormed Health Work Committees’ Hebron Emergency center near the Abu Rish barrier located along Ash Shuhada Street in the southern part of the old city of Hebron.

The soldiers assaulted the health staff at the center and intimidated and scared the sick children and women who were receiving treatment at the center at that moment.
Dr. Murad Daoud, a physician at the center , said that the soldiers asked him to close the center, which is the only center in the region that provide treatments for citizens who are trapped, injured and suffocated by the poisonous gas that the occupation shoot  intensely on the surrounding houses . The staff refused to close the center as Dr. Daoud stated “we refused their order and told them that this center provides health and humanitarian services”. The soldiers closed the center by force and held the staff and the patients for hours inside it before bringing huge machinery that sprays the area around the center with stinking sewage water.
According to Dr. Daoud, the Israeli soldiers intensifiedthefiring of poisonous gas in the vicinity of the center which led to panic and fear among patients, and present cases of suffocation among children before the crew found a way to secure the patients out.
The Israeli soldiers occupy the top of the center’s building and set up a military observation point to control the area.
Health Work Committees denounced the systematic targeting of its center in Hebron by the Israeli Occupation Forces and confirmed its commitment to providing around the clock services to citizens there and that the occupation measures and harassments will not stop the organization’s humanitarian health services to citizens.
HWC urged the international human rights and health organizations to intervene urgently and rapidly to stop the assaults on the center and other health institutions, and stop the targeting of doctors and medical personnel by the occupation. It also calls for the application of international conventions and treaties to ensure that the health institutions to work in all conditions without harassment.
It is worth mentioning that this is the second time the Israeli occupation storm the center during this week.