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School Health Program - Jerusalem

Since 1990, the School Health Program has been implemented in 70 schools of the occupied East Jerusalem and its surrounding communities. This accounts for 69.3% of the total number of schools in East Jerusalem aside from the schools which are administrated by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Israeli Ministry of Education.
The program has been supervised by the school health program director. It provides services regularly through the health clinics of 24 schools and part time through the health clinics of 30 schools.
The program provides:
Screening and early detection of medical problems including vision and hearing problems.
  1. Health education and promotion
  2. Improvement of school environment with special focus on school cafeteria
  3. Prevention of infectious diseases by providing vaccination
  4. The program provides needed vaccinations to school children in compliance with the Palestinian Unified National Vaccination Program. During this year, it provides vaccinations for first and ninth grades’ students in 62 schools.