مؤسسة لجان العمل الصحي
Health Work Committees
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Health Services

The enjoyment of Palestinian citizen in good health is a human right guaranteed by all international laws, every citizen has the right to access high quality health care and improve the overall quality of life and enhance its ability to confront the resistance of occupation policies and to enable the rights to create a healthy lifestyle. In addition, assisted Palestinians people create resistance to diseases before deployment.  We in HWC believe that health is not just the absence of disease but rights of enjoying physical and mental health, psychological, social and environmental sound. In the light of globalization, we can not dissociate ourselves from the threats of modern diseases which were not fade in the past, such as AIDS, SARS and Ebola in Africa, and the emergence of new mutations of the bird flu virus, as well as the return of some diseases which had petered out in the past, such as tuberculosis and leprosy, Furthermore, environmental threats and high temperature of the earth and its impacts on rain retention and thus threaten global food security and the high prices of basic foodstuffs that directly affect the citizens of developing countries, which lead to increased poverty, and thereby increasing opportunities for disease among these poor classes, and deconstructs
Health Work Committees (HWC) provides primary and highly quality health services spread in 14 health centers in different locations in the West Bank.