مؤسسة لجان العمل الصحي
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In the center, services are provided through the following units and clinics:
  • Reception and Registration unit
  • General Medicine clinic
  • Emergency Medicine clinic
  • Women's Health clinic
  • Medical Laboratory unit
  • Radiology and Panoramic Radiography units
  • Storage and Pharmacy units, which include medications and medical disposables required for The center
  • Day Surgery unit, which includes the main Operation Room and two post surgery recovery rooms; one is for males and the other is for females. Each of the post surgery recovery rooms accommodates 3 beds and is fully equipped with the requirements and needs of the patients, who had surgeries.
  • Weekly specialized clinics, which are under the supervision of physicians working on contractual basis. The clinics are:
  1. Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
  2. Ultrasound clinic
  3. Urology clinic
  4. Dermatology clinic
  5. Laser clinic
  6. Gynecology clinic
  7. Orthopedic clinic
  8. Internal Medicine clinic
  9. Cardiology clinic
  10. Cardiograph unit
  11. Ambulance