مؤسسة لجان العمل الصحي
Health Work Committees
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Palestinian Network for Nongovernmental Organizations (PNGO)

PNGO was established in September 1993, with the objective of enhancing coordination, consultation and cooperation between member organizations working in different developmental domains. Because of the security measurements imposed by the Israel which divided Gaza Strip (GS) and West Bank (WB) into disconnected areas, PNGO adopted to continue its work through its two main offices in GS and WB. These offices are managed by two Coordination Committees elected by the general assembly which represents PNGO members. PNGO carry out its activities through different committees from its members working in the following five main sectors: health, democracy and human rights, women and children, rehabilitation and agriculture. Any NGO can join PNGO once it meets a set of criteria. PNGO role is to establish general guidelines and coordinate the NGOs work but has no line authority on the NGOs. At present, PNGO boasts of 135 national NGOs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that work across sectors in different developmental fields.