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Health Work Committees calls for stopping the Israeli invasion on Gaza Strip

The Israeli occupation continues on its systematic and violent war against the Palestinians in Gaza Strip targeting all means of living including the humans, the trees and the stones without regarding to who get killed or to how they get killed.  All of the crimes are being streamed lively under the witness of the whole world, but none in this world has reacted to this in any way. 
In Palestine, we, HWC, have been concerned about people in Gaza because of the aggressive terrestrial, naval and aerial invasions of the Israeli occupation in which it has been using all kind of weapons. This has led to several causalities including tens of martyrs, which its numbers have been increasing day after day. This is in addition to the thousands of injuries and the demolition of many homes that have been a target by the systematic punishment of the deadly military machine.
The world should pay attention to the percentage of the children, the women and the elderly among the martyrs. Also, attention should be given to the collective punishment against our people in Gaza Strip. Israeli is accelerating  its destruction to as many Palestinian homes as possible before the end of its war against our nation, which has been started at Hebron and then has been intensified by the brutal crime, which the settlers have committed against the child, Mohammed Abu Khudair, who was kidnaped and then burned.
The bodies of the martyrs, the blood of the injuries, and the whining of the mothers will continue to chase those who are witnessing it and remains silent about the crime of the century.
During this time of escalating conflict, HWC calls for the following:
1.   1.    We urge all people of the nation to financially support and provide solidarity for people of Gaza, who have been under the fire.
2.   2.   We urge the Palestinian Ministry of Health and all the parties working in the health sector to support the Gaza Strip with all its need to rescue the injuries of the Israeli invasion.
3.  3.   We urge all the Arab nations and all the nations, who are supporters for peace and equity, to force its government to put pressure for ending the Israeli occupation on Gaza.
4.  4.   The importance of the national unification on the ground by terminating the internal division within the Palestinian society. This is because the national unification is very important in the struggle against the occupation.
5.  5.    We hold the United States of America and all the supporter of the Zionist terrorism against the Palestinian nation, accountable for what all is happening and we consider it a partner in the crime.
6.   6.    To approach all the organizations and international courts to condemn the criminal occupation for their crimes.