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Civil Coalition to Defend Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem

The Coalition seeks to promote, defend and contribute to the fulfillment of human rights in Jerusalem.

The Coalition seeks to promote and protect Palestinian rights in Jerusalem and combat Israeli government violations of their human rights.

The Coalitions aims to mobilize efforts, capacities and resources to protect the political, civil, economic, social and cultural rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem as enshrined under international human rights and humanitarian law.


Raise international awareness of Israeli human rights violations in Jerusalem and promote international support for human rights protection for Palestinians in Jerusalem.
Promote Palestinian awareness of their civil, political, economic and social rights in Jerusalem and empower the community to speak out against Israeli violations.
Coordinate and activate advocacy and lobbying on individual and collective human rights issues in Jerusalem.
Build the organisational capacity of the Civic Coalition to continue achieving its mission and objectives.

Provide legal support services to disadvantaged individuals and groups in relation to class actions and general cases in the area of residency, housing, family unification, taxation and freedom of movement. The Coalition has established four clinics, in Abu Dis, Al Ram, Beit Hanina and Jerusalem Old City.